Homepage Review: Evolve Into Wellness

I’m continually inspired by people who don’t back down when life gets tough — and who choose instead to use what they’ve learned in those hard seasons to help others.

Evolve Into Wellness founder Kimberly Garrett is a perfect example. After dealing with autoimmune disease and chronic health conditions for most of her life, she eventually found that eating a plant-based diet helped her take control of her health.

Now, as a certified health coach, certified personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist, she’s on a mission to help others reach their goals and reclaim their health.

Kimberly told me her amazing story when we met up near Portland, Oregon recently — and she also invited me to review her homepage.

So, here’s what I’m loving on her homepage and the first three steps I’d take to make it even more effective.

Homepage Review - Evolve into Wellness - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter, Website Strategist and Marketing Consultant for Wellness Entrepreneurs and Holistic Healthcare Businesses

What I Love About This Homepage

Clear Benefits

When prospective clients land on your homepage, they want to know what’s in it for them.

On the Evolve Into Wellness homepage, Kimberly clearly tells website visitors what she’ll help them do: “Reach your weight loss and wellness goals.” She even lists the benefits they could experience, such as “Improve/Reverse Type 2 Diabetes” and “Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry.”

In doing so, she lets prospective clients know she wants to help them and tells them how working with her will make their lives better.

Evolve Into Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs, Nutritionists and Holistic Health Practitioners

Specific Ideal Client

Some wellness entrepreneurs worry that by specializing, they’ll scare people away. But more often, the opposite is true.

Being clear about who you’re for — and who you’re not for — tells website visitors that you don’t just work with anybody who’ll pay you. And when your ideal client sees that you’re focused on serving people like them, they’ll be even more excited to work with you.

That’s why I love when a business owner knows who she serves and states it right on her website as Kimberly does.

Evolve Into Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs, Nutritionists and Holistic Health Practitioners

On her homepage, she says: “I am passionate about helping everyday working women and men reach optimal health inside and out. So if you’re looking to become a bikini model or an ultra marathon runner, I am not the right coach for you because I focus on improving overall quality of life as opposed to stressing the body to its breaking point.”

Kimberly serves everyday working women and men — not bikini models and ultra-marathoners. And when everyday people read those words on her site, they’ll likely be relieved to know she’s going to serve their unique needs and not try to whip them into shape with an extreme diet or training schedule.

Positive Testimonials

If you’ve ever read reviews before buying a product or service, then you know the power of testimonials. Positive testimonials give you more credibility in the eyes of website visitors and prospective clients.

The best way to showcase testimonials is to spread them throughout your website, rather than relegating them to a designated “Testimonials” page. This way, while visitors are perusing your website, they can see what happy clients are saying about you on every page.

Kimberly’s testimonials are easy to find as you scroll through her homepage. Her clients rave about how she’s changed their lives and how much better they feel having worked with her.

Evolve Into Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs, Nutritionists and Holistic Health Practitioners

These testimonials showcase her authority as a health coach and help her build trust with prospective clients from the moment they land on her website.

How to Make This Homepage More Effective

If I were updating the Evolve Into Wellness homepage, these are the first three steps I would take.

Evolve Into Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs, Nutritionists and Holistic Health Practitioners

1 | Speak to the Pain Points

As we talked about earlier, Kimberly identifies her ideal client on her homepage — everyday working women and men.

And since one of the most effective ways to connect with your ideal clients is to speak to their pain points, I’d recommend that she incorporate her ideal clients’ struggles into her homepage.

For example, Kimberly’s message could focus on the frustration these women and men may be feeling over trying treatment after treatment and not finding relief.

Then, she could share how she’s uniquely equipped to come alongside them as a health coach. And she could paint a picture of what life could look like after working with her.

We all want to be seen, heard and understood. If Kimberly can make her ideal clients feel this way on her homepage by speaking to their unique situation, they’ll choose to work with her over anyone else.

2 | Get Personal

Like her clients, Kimberly knows how it feels to struggle with chronic diseases and conditions. And she’s also experienced the joy of reclaiming her health.

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 10 and experiencing chronic swollen hives and angioedema (extreme facial swelling) as an adult, she discovered how to use nutrition to become well again and wanted to help others do the same.

Because Kimberly truly understands where her clients are coming from, I’d recommend sharing a small piece of her story on her homepage and relating it to her ideal client. This could be as simple as, “Like you, I know how it feels to…” or “I understand how frustrating it is when…”

Showing website visitors she understands and cares will allow Kimberly to convey empathy — another key component in building trust online.

3 | Make it Brief

Most website visitors don’t read; they scan. You may be doing it right now; looking for the headings, bullet points and short lines of text to tell you what you want to know as quickly and easily as possible.

And when we see a block of text more than three or four lines long, we’ll likely jump right over without even realizing it.

If I were updating the Evolve Into Wellness homepage, I’d recommend breaking some of the larger blocks of text into a few brief sections about who Kimberly serves (her ideal client), how she helps them (outlining a few of her services) and what sets her apart (her story, strategy and values).

Each of those brief sections could link to other pages on the website where people could read and learn more.

By simplifying her copy, Kimberly could guide website visitors to what she wants them to know and increase the likelihood that her message will reach her ideal clients.

Share Your Thoughts

Thanks to Kimberly for inviting us to check out her homepage! To learn more about Evolve Into Wellness, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your takeaways from the Evolve Into Wellness homepage?

And how will you apply those lessons and ideas to your website?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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