Homepage Review: Natasha Wellness

I love when I land on a business’s homepage and immediately get a feel of the brand. That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to share this homepage review of Natasha Wellness with you.

Founder Natasha Gayl is a Boston-based health and wellness coach and certified yoga teacher who discovered how to heal her depression and take control of her anxiety by practicing yoga and eating holistically.

Today, she teaches others the power of self-healing through food, exercise, self-care and habit change.

Her homepage reflects her warm, friendly and empowering approach to holistic living.

Natasha recently offered up her website for a homepage review. Here’s what I’m loving on her homepage and the first three steps I’d take to make it even more effective.

Homepage Review of Natasha Wellness - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter, Website Strategist and Marketing Consultant for Wellness Entrepreneurs and Holistic Healthcare Businesses

What I Love About This Homepage

Clean Design and User Experience

Natasha’s homepage is lovely and easy to navigate.

Her site has a clear tagline (“Yoga - Health - Wellness”) displayed right where it should be — on the top left corner of the page. And the navigation is clean and straightforward too, with links to her Services, Blog, Shop and About pages and a direct call-to-action: “Book an Appointment” in the upper right.

As you scroll down the page, Natasha greets you and tells you a bit about herself, shares her opt-in freebie, links to her services and recipes and showcases some of the podcasts she’s been featured on.

Her homepage appears to use one sans-serif font and just a few subtle pops of color throughout. By limiting fonts, colors and distractions, Natasha allows you to focus on her message and offerings.

Clear Mission Statement

Natasha has a clear mission, and as you scroll down the homepage, it’s one of the first things you see:

“My mission is to help you realize your potential through holistic living.”

All too often, brands come up with a mission statement only to leave it hidden and collecting dust. So I’m excited to see Natasha is sharing her mission on her homepage so you can understand the heart behind her business right away.

Empathy and Authority

According to Harvard Business professor and author Amy Cuddy, people subconsciously answer two questions when they meet someone new: 1) “Can I trust this person?” and 2) “Can I respect this person?”

By conveying empathy and authority on her homepage, Natasha helps you answer these questions positively.

She conveys empathy by showing a smiling photo of herself, by telling you her mission is “to help you” and by including her Instagram feed at the bottom of the page so you can see what she’s like in real life.

She demonstrates authority by displaying logos from the podcasts she’s been featured on, by linking to recipes she’s created and by having a clean, professional-looking site.


How to Make This Homepage More Effective

If I were updating Natasha’s homepage, these are the first three steps I would take.

1. | Maximize the Main Photo

I love that Natasha’s smile is one of the first things you see on her site. To make her homepage even more simple and straightforward, she could make that big photo at the top of her site (also called the “hero section” or “banner”) work even harder.

By overlaying that photo with a clear headline, description and call to action, she could get website visitors’ attention right away and help them understand exactly what her site’s about.

Pulling from a paragraph that’s already on her homepage, I’d recommend overlaying something like this on that photo:

Heal Yourself Naturally Through Holistic Living

Discover how to become your brightest self with mindful movement and wholesome, delicious food.

Button: Get Started

Whatever the direct call to action (button) is in the hero section, I’d update the one in the upper right corner to match. I’d also add the same call to action to the bottom of the page, just above the footer, to catch the scroller’s eye.

2. | Work Those Testimonials

Natasha does great work and she has the happy clients to show for it — but those testimonials are hiding on her About page.

I’d pull excerpts from three testimonials and feature them prominently — with clients’ names and photos — just below the hero section on the homepage.

As we touched on above, Natasha already does a great job of conveying empathy and authority on her site, and testimonials are an essential piece of that puzzle. Displaying these testimonials on the homepage would help website visitors trust and respect her right away.

3. | Explain the What, Why and How

Natasha’s health coaching pulls together a unique combination of treatments: Ayurveda, yoga and nutrition.

When visitors land on her homepage for the first time, they might not understand what exactly she offers and how these pieces fit together, so it’s important to make it crystal clear on the homepage.

I’d start by empathizing with her audience and showing them she feels their pain.

Pulling some words from her Services page, I’d recommend something like this:

“Have you tried all kinds of crazy diets, cleanses and resolutions on your own without seeing the results you want? As your health and wellness coach, I’ll provide the motivation and accountability you’ve been craving to help you reach your goals and get rejuvenated, energized and glowing again.”

Then, I’d highlight two or three of her coaching packages on the homepage with a sentence or two about each one and how it works.

Share Your Thoughts

Thanks to Natasha for letting us dive into her homepage! To learn more about Natasha Wellness, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your takeaways from Natasha Wellness’s homepage?

How will you apply those lessons and ideas to your website?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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