Clear website copy for service-based entrepreneurs & small businesses

Clear Website Copy for Service-Based Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

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Is your website converting dream clients or just the people who drain your energy?



We’ve all been there; booking the clients who only want a deal, who question your process at every turn, and who treat you like a commodity.

Working with the wrong clients can suck the life right out of your business. And when your website message is cluttered, unclear, or trying to speak to everyone, those are the clients you get.

What if your website could…

  • convert the right website visitors into paying clients

  • drive quality leads who are eager to work with you

  • position you as an in-demand expert

  • show how you stand out in your industry

  • connect people to the heart and soul of your business

  • give you a consistent message to make social media posts, sales calls, and networking conversations a whole lot easier

The right website copy makes your dream clients feel seen, heard, and excited to hire you.

And the best way to get that kind of copy? Team up with a writer who gets you.

Kelsey O'Halloran - Freelance Website Copywriter for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Hey, I'm Kelsey O'Halloran.

As a copywriter and website strategist, I help service-based entrepreneurs and small businesses find their voice and use it to grow.

Using in-depth interviews with you and your clients, I’ll help you develop a clear, compelling and consistent website message that speaks to your people and sounds like you.


If you’re looking for a copywriter who…

  • loves to go deep and get to the heart of your business

  • interviews you and your clients to create a strategic message

  • prioritizes clarity over clever wordplay

  • collaborates with you to ensure your copy feels true to your voice

  • will ask you about your dog (and probably tell you about hers, too)

… then let’s talk!


How My Website Copywriting Process Works

Timeline: 4-6 weeks


Step 1: Strategy Session & Client Interviews

We'll meet on the phone for a 2-hour strategy session to unpack your brand message. I'll conduct phone interviews with 4-6 of your past and current clients to hear how they describe your unique value.

Step 2: Writing Your Copy

Drawing on our strategy session and client interview research, we’ll create copy that sounds like you and speaks to your ideal clients.

Step 3: Copy Revisions & Launch

You'll receive a draft of your website copy with time to provide feedback and ensure it fits your voice. I'll update your copy over two rounds of revisions and you'll receive the final draft in a Google Doc, ready to be incorporated into your effective new website. 

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Let’s make your dream clients feel seen, heard, and excited to work with you.

Website copy packages start at $1200. Book a free 30-minute consultation call to get started!