Homepage Review: Bejé Jones Wellness

I get excited whenever I see a wellness entrepreneur proudly owning their niche.

So I was thrilled when I landed on Bejé Jones Wellness’s homepage and noticed she was focusing on a particularly unique niche in the wellness industry.

Bejé is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Herbal Consultant who incorporates her Christian faith into her holistic coaching practice. She focuses on helping women of faith discover radiant health in body, soul and spirit so that they can thrive.

Bejé recently invited me to review her homepage and give her some feedback. Here’s what I’m loving on her homepage and the first three steps I’d take to make it even more effective.

Bejé Jones Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs

What I Love About This Homepage

Strong Visuals

When I landed on Bejé’s homepage, I immediately noticed her professional-looking logo, simple color scheme and clean design. Her design seems feminine and fitting for her ideal client.

Since your homepage is often where you’ll make a first impression with potential clients, these visual elements are critically important. By taking her homepage design seriously, Bejé communicates to prospective clients that she’s a professional who knows what she’s doing.

Bejé Jones Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Focused Message

Bejé knows her ideal client, and she knows how to speak to her. She doesn’t shy away from talking about God on her homepage, because she knows her ideal client is comfortable talking about God, too.

With clarity on her ideal client, Bejé has developed a focused message that speaks directly to that person, from her introduction — “Hello beautiful, my name is Bejé!” — to her description of her client’s needs and desires.  

For many business owners, it’s hard to imagine narrowing your audience to one type of client and excluding the vast majority of people.

But when you choose a niche, like Bejé has done, marketing your business becomes simpler because you can speak to one ideal client. And when those ideal clients land on your homepage, they can tell right away that you’re the one for them.

Friendly Introduction

Some business owners prefer to hide behind their work. Thankfully, Bejé isn’t one of them.

She introduces herself right away on her homepage and includes a smiling photo of herself to build an instant connection with her homepage visitors.

In her brief introduction, she conveys her authority as a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Herbal Consultant and clearly identifies who she serves and how she helps them.

For small business owners, and especially for solopreneurs, this introduction is critically important in building a sense of connection and trust with prospective clients. Your prospective clients may be searching through several different websites, and an introduction section like this one could help them connect with you right away.

Bejé Jones Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs

How to Make This Homepage More Effective

If I were updating the Bejé Jones Wellness homepage, these are the first three steps I would take.

1. Clarify Her Offerings

The first section on Bejé’s homepage is her free e-book. Displaying a lead magnet like this near the top of the page is a smart way to convert website visitors into email subscribers, and by explaining a bit more about this e-book, Bejé could make more people want to download it.

The e-book is titled: “Gain health and you'll lose the weight!” Since this is the first thing we see on the homepage, I’d recommend clarifying what “gain health” means and what that process could look like.

Since so many websites ask for an email address in exchange for free content, website visitors are becoming more discerning. To encourage them to subscribe, Bejé could address the underlying questions and concerns her ideal client might have about this e-book, such as: “How does the process of gaining health work?” “Is it difficult or painful?” “How long would it take?” “Does it really work?” “Why does it matter?” and “What could my life be like if I lost the weight?”

In addition to the e-book, I’d also recommend adding short descriptions of her services further down on her page. Since not everyone is familiar with what a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Herbal Consultant does, she could briefly explain the specific services she offers, who they’re for and how they could make someone’s life better.

2. Add a Headline and Description

As much as I love seeing Bejé’s lead magnet at the top of her homepage, there’s an important section that she could place above her e-book for even more impact: her headline and description.

Having a clear, compelling headline and description at the top of your homepage tells visitors what they want to know right away: what you do, who you serve, how you make their lives better and what sets you apart from the other people in their search results.

If I were working with Bejé on her homepage copy, we’d put a lot of thought into this section to ensure it makes an impression on her website visitors. But to give a quick example, she could pull from some of the other language on her site to create a headline and description like this:

Radiant Health Coaching for Christian Women

You were designed to thrive in body, soul and spirit. Learn how personalized holistic coaching can help you become all that God has called you to be.

[Button: Book a Free Health Discovery Session]

3. Put Her Best Foot Forward

The bottom half of Bejé’s homepage displays teasers for about 10 of her blog posts. And while I’m glad to see that she’s showcasing her expertise on her homepage, I noticed that many of these posts are from several years ago, which might lead website visitors to believe that she’s no longer in business.

I’d recommend adding a few new posts and displaying only three or four of them at the bottom of the page. And in place of those blog posts, she could dedicate that valuable real estate to client testimonials, which convey authority and credibility to website visitors.

Bejé Jones Wellness Website Review - Kelsey O'Halloran, Copywriter and Website Strategist for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Share Your Thoughts

Thanks to Bejé for letting us dive into her homepage! To learn more about Bejé Jones Wellness, visit her website.

Now, I want to hear from you. What are your takeaways from Bejé’s homepage?

How will you apply those lessons and ideas to your website?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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