Clear website copy for service-based entrepreneurs & small businesses
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I’m here to help you clarify, resonate and grow.



About Me

Hi, I’m Kelsey O’Halloran.

As a copywriter and website strategist, I help service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners like you clarify your message, resonate with the right people and grow your business.

I started out as a newspaper journalist, interviewing small business owners and uncovering the heart and soul behind their work. And I realized I could serve these businesses even better by helping them communicate clearly online.

Today, I use in-depth interviews with you and your clients to write website copy that speaks to your ideal clients and feels true to your voice.


In case you were wondering...

• I’m an INFJ, an Enneagram Type 1 and an Upholder.

• I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband, our little white rescue dog, Billy, and a growing family of house plants — 14 and counting!

• My mornings usually start with NPR, yoga and a mug of green tea.

• I’m married to an entrepreneur! Caleb started his wedding film company in 2014 and has been my business’s biggest supporter.


I believe simplicity is key to an effective message.

You know how some life experiences end up having a bigger impact than you ever could have imagined? For me, that was living in a tiny house.

When my husband and I moved into a 360-square-foot rental a week after getting married, it seemed impossible to cram two lives into that tiny space.

But slowly, we started paring down.

And by the time we bought our first home three years later, we’d developed clearer priorities and a lighter lifestyle because we’d let go of everything we didn’t need.

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That’s why I want to help you simplify your website message.



When you let go of what isn’t working on your site and hone in on a clear core message, you’re left with a simple, focused website that converts visitors into your best clients.

My job is to listen closely and make space for your voice to shine.

Ready to get started or learn more?