About Page Copywriting for Twisted Croissant — Local Bakery

For most business owners I meet, the About page presents a particular kind of challenge.

It’s supposed to be about you, but not too much about you.

It’s supposed to tell your story, without getting bogged down in the details.

It’s supposed to be personal enough to connect with readers, and professional enough to earn their trust.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder writing your own About page can seem daunting. So when the team at Twisted Croissant asked me to write an About page for their website, I was eager to help.

Founded by pastry chef Kurt Goddard, Twisted Croissant gained a cult following as a food cart at local farmers markets and opened its first brick-and-mortar store this summer.

Leading up to the grand opening, Kurt and his team knew they needed a simple and professional About page that would match the quality of their meticulously-made products and leave website visitors intrigued (and hungry for a fresh, handmade croissant).

Here’s how we made that happen.

Website copywriting for a Portland, Oregon bakery About page, by copywriter Kelsey O’Halloran

About Page Website Copy for a New Bakery

During my two-hour Strategy Session interview with Kurt and his front-of-house operations manager, Darci Pacewicz, they mentioned a common refrain they hear from window shoppers at the farmers market: “It looks too pretty to eat.”

And if you take one look at their delicate croissants, croissant donuts and cruffins (croissant muffins), you might see why. Each pastry is carefully made over several days, according to Kurt’s strict quality standards. But as Kurt and Darci know, these croissants are every bit as tasty as they are beautiful — likely moreso.

So, we opened their About page with a headline that would communicate their values and take back that phrase:

We believe in quality, community, and croissants that are (almost) too pretty to eat.

Website copywriting for a croissant bakery in Portland, Oregon, by copywriter Kelsey O’Halloran

Then, we told the story of how the bakery’s origins led to where they are today, keeping the copy simple and focused on the flaky, buttery, elegantly delicious products.

Next, we emphasized the bakery’s commitment to quality and gave a peek into how the products are made to leave readers educated and intrigued.

Website copy tells the business’s story about how the croissants are made. Copywriting by Kelsey O’Halloran

Kurt also wanted to highlight the local farms and food vendors where he sources many of his ingredients. So we shared why this is important to him and listed the farms and vendors he partners with.

Website copy highlights the value of local business partnerships. About page written by copywriter Kelsey O’Halloran

Below each section of copy, we included a call-to-action button to drive readers to visit the bakery or learn more.

Finally, we created brief staff bios for a “Meet the Team” page on the website. Kurt and Darci wanted these bios to be simple and concise to keep the focus on the product. So, in just two or three sentences, we conveyed each of their backgrounds, their passion for their work, and how they spend their time outside of the bakery.

Employee bios for a Portland, Oregon small business. Written by copywriter Kelsey O’Halloran

Serving Up Croissants and a Story

Twisted Croissant’s new About page captures the heart and history behind the bakery and highlights the care and expertise Kurt’s team brings to work every day.

With copy that’s concise for a quick read and strategically written to pique readers’ interest, Twisted Croissant’s About page message is ready to make an a connection with website visitors and drive more customers to the bakery’s brand new brick-and-mortar store.

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