Why I’m passionate about helping wellness entrepreneurs succeed

You know when something feels off, but you’re not sure what it is?

Until recently, that was how I felt about my health.

Why I'm passionate about helping wellness practitioners succeed - Kelsey O'Halloran, copywriter and website strategist for wellness practitioners, dietitians, naturopaths and health businesses

For years, I went to doctor after doctor saying, “something’s wrong.”

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I didn’t feel like I had the energy, strength and freedom my friends did.

I experienced bloating and sharp GI pains after meals. I had adult acne that just wouldn’t quit. I was constantly tired, cold and congested. I got sick all the time. And as a runner, I felt like I had to train for months to keep up with my friends’ baseline abilities.

But no matter how many symptoms I listed off or how many blood tests I took, conventional medicine didn’t provide any answers.

It wasn’t until I was 26, when a naturopathic doctor visited my office to offer consultations, that I realized there might be another way.


My journey to wellness

I’d heard about naturopaths before, but I’d always been hesitant to see one because I didn’t connect with some of the New Age messaging in the industry.

But I hit it off with this ND immediately. She was down-to-earth and determined to help me solve my problems.

Through elimination diets and blood tests, we discovered that five different food allergies and sensitivities had been at the root of the problems I’d been experiencing for as long as I could remember.

Within a few months, I went from feeling hopeless and weak to being strong, energetic, joyful and content in my body. Working with my naturopath has completely changed the way I show up for my work, my relationships and myself.


Copywriting for wellness entrepreneurs

Throughout my wellness journey, I was building up my copywriting business and dreaming of ways to help small business owners develop stronger website messaging.

I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs who were passionate, smart and making a difference in their communities — entrepreneurs like my ND.

I realized if I could help wellness entrepreneurs like her change more lives, the world could be a happier, healthier and more wholehearted place.

That’s why today, I’m passionate about helping wellness entrepreneurs and other service-based business owners develop messaging that truly feels like them. I’m passionate about helping them connect with wellness newbies who might be wary of terms that sound mystical or woo-woo.

I’m passionate about partnering with them to grow their businesses and make a bigger impact with a website that communicates their heart and skillset.